Warehousing Strategy, Design and Operation

The warehouse has traditionally been the Cinderella department in many businesses, and this has particularly been the case in the manufacturing sector. However, the advent of supply chain management (SCM) has highlighted the importance that warehousing plays, as a vital link in the supply chain, in helping best-in-class companies to gain competitive advantage and WIN in today’s economy

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This course consists of 5 modules

This online course covers the following. Warehousing Strategy Module 1, Warehouse Equipment Module 2, Warehouse Design Module 3, Improvement Module 4, Project Justification Module 5

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Each module consists of a video and a PowerPoint PDF to download. This course is practical and ready for
application. It has depth of detail combined with breadth of scope. This course has been delivered in Ireland, China, UAE and Croatia and will be coming soon to Poland and in Spain.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The key message is that getting warehousing strategy, design and operation right, creates value in a business – getting it wrong destroys value. Come to this course and start to get it right!
  • Formulate warehousing strategy aligned with wider business goals.
  • Develop the framework and specification for warehouse expansion and improvement projects.
  • Understand the key contributors to capital and operational cost.
  • Engage in informed conversation with equipment vendors regarding storage and materials handling selection.
  • Understand the key components of warehouse productivity, measures and benchmarks
  • The course is based on 25 years of practical experience in the specification, design and operation of warehouses in manufacturing, distribution and logistics services in Europe, the Americas and Asia.
  • Multiple anecdotes and real life examples from experience.

Supply Chain and Operations Managers.
Logistics and Shipping Managers.
Warehouse and Materials Managers.
Finance and Procurement Managers.
Customer Services Managers.


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